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Pure-Cotton T-Shirts

Long-sleeve (front view)
Long-sleeve T-Shirt, front view
(full-size image)
     Our T-Shirts are
Gildan 100% Ultra-Cotton

These are very nice quality and heavy-duty pure cotton shirts

All Short Sleeve ~ $20

All Long Sleeve ~ $30
Choose from these three slogans for your T-Shirt
T-Shirt slogan SF-Cal     T-Shirt slogan lox     T-Shirt slogan smoked-salmon club
Long-sleeve (back)
Long-sleeve T-Shirt, back view
(full-size image)
Short-sleeve (front)
Short-sleeve T-Shirt, front view
(full-size image)
Short-sleeve (back)
Short-sleeve T-Shirt, back view
(full-size image)

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Cap'n Mike's Salmon Belt Buckles

Cap'n Mike's Salmon Belt Buckles
Genuinely Custom Made in the USA
100% Stainless Steel and Laser-Cut
This is one very special large oval salmon belt buckle
and will really make that distinctive addition to your belt
$50.00 ~ includes shipping

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Cap'n Mike & the King Tide

Captain Mike & the King Tide logo Cap'n Mike just recorded his new version of Link Wray's “Rumble” from 1958. The King Tide band members are “Big” Dave Gross, world-class drummer and local music celeb with his own show on The Krush radio, and bass guitarist Paul Olguin.
The new version of “Rumble” has gone viral and has been played around the world already. You can find it on Youtube, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and other venues.

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Cap'n Mike's Music

Captain Mike's personal music-site
This is what the music scene looked like when I first started putting my hobby and collection together in 1967. I have a deep spiritual connection and love of music. Since the early 1960's, I have played music in some form or another. I started collecting guitars, amps, drums and other musical equipment and sold some to my friends. It's been almost 50 years since my first guitar, the Harmony Stratotone started a life-long passion of collecting and selling instruments. I have put together a rare, exotic collection of new and vintage instruments. Every so often, I offer some of my instruments for sale on my personal music-site.
 ~~  Enjoy!  Cap'n Mike

Harmony Stratotone      Captain Mike in the mountains

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Captain Mike and Beach Boys
Cap'n Mike and Brian Wilson
(top) Blondie Chaplin, Cap'n Mike, and Al Jardine
(bottom) Brian Wilson
Cap'n Mike & Sally Hiebert
About Cap'n Mike

Awards & Reviews
Delish  ~  GQ
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Sunset Magazine
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Pure-Cotton T-Shirts
Cotton T-Shirts

Cap'n Mike's Salmon Belt Buckles
Cap'n Mike's Salmon Belt Buckles

Cap'n Mike's Music
Cap'n Mike's

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