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Pure-Cotton T-Shirts

Long-sleeve (front view)
Long-sleeve T-Shirt, front view
(full-size image)
     Our T-Shirts are
Gildan 100% Ultra-Cotton

These are very nice quality and heavy-duty pure cotton shirts

All Short Sleeve ~ $20

All Long Sleeve ~ $30
Choose from these three slogans for your T-Shirt
T-Shirt slogan SF-Cal     T-Shirt slogan lox     T-Shirt slogan smoked-salmon club
Long-sleeve (back)
Long-sleeve T-Shirt, back view
(full-size image)
Short-sleeve (front)
Short-sleeve T-Shirt, front view
(full-size image)
Short-sleeve (back)
Short-sleeve T-Shirt, back view
(full-size image)

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Cap'n Mike's Salmon Belt Buckles

Cap'n Mike's Salmon Belt Buckles
Genuinely Custom Made in the USA
100% Stainless Steel and Laser-Cut
This is one very special large oval salmon belt buckle
and will really make that distinctive addition to your belt
$50.00 ~ includes shipping

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Cap'n Mike's Music

Captain Mike's personal music-site
This is what the music scene looked like when I first started putting my hobby and collection together in 1967. I have a deep spiritual connection and love of music. Since the early 1960's, I have played music in some form or another. I started collecting guitars, amps, drums and other musical equipment and sold some to my friends. It's been almost 50 years since my first guitar, the Harmony Stratotone started a life-long passion of collecting and selling instruments. I have put together a rare, exotic collection of new and vintage instruments. Every so often, I offer some of my instruments for sale on my personal music-site.
 ~~  Enjoy!  Cap'n Mike

Harmony Stratotone      Captain Mike in the mountains

Cap'n Mike & Sally Hiebert
About Cap'n Mike

Awards & Reviews
Delish  ~  GQ
MSN  ~  Frommers
Sunset Magazine
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Pure-Cotton T-Shirts
Cotton T-Shirts

Cap'n Mike's Salmon Belt Buckles
Cap'n Mike's Salmon Belt Buckles

Cap'n Mike's Music
Cap'n Mike's

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